About GeoCritique


GeoCritique is maintained by a collective of scholars, students, and activists. We are united by a shared interest the politics of human-environment relations–those that are emerging in the contemporary moment and those that exist only in future-imaginaries. This blog is meant to provide an informal venue for critical and experimental thought around that theme. We aim to develop sharp analyses of our rapidly changing ecological and political landscape. But we also strive to experiment with new (or, sometimes, old) modes of political and material engagement with the world.

The blog initially came together around two events in the spring of 2013: the Critical Climate Change Workshop held at the University of Minnesota and sessions at the annual AAG meeting  entitled, “Re-evaluating the Anthropocene, Resituating Anthropos.” Since, those conversations and our network of interlocutors have expanded. The key contributors can be found on our Authors page. We welcome ideas, contributions, and strategies. Contact us at .


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