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Patrick Bigger’s ‘notes from the field’: on carbon, capital, and the state

See the original post on the University of Kentucky Political Ecology Working Group blog here July 20, 2012 Patrick Bigger Ph.D. Candidate Department of Geography, University of Kentucky Last week, California finally approved the United States’ first high speed rail line. It will run from LA to San Francisco, will cost a substantial amount of money, [...]

State of the carbon markets: rising or collapsing? Two conflicting reports

This recent article in the Economist describes the fall in carbon prices as a result of overcapacity in the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme, while Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky (author of Kyoto’s trading scheme, professor of economics at Columbia, and founder of the carbon capture company Global Thermostat) heralds the emergence of a “truly global” carbon market taking [...]

Washington Post: “Within mainstream environmentalist groups, diversity is lacking”

A recent article in the Washington Post points to a persistent reality that will hopefully be a topic of conversation at the upcoming Workshop on Critical Climate Change Scholarship – racial division in the environmental movement: “A 2001 report on the origins of the environmental justice movement found that it gets only 5 percent of [...]

The latest in carbon credit scamming: Carbon-ex

This recent article by REDD-Monitor highlights the importance of doing one’s homework on carbon trading firms: Link courtesy of MK Dorsey

Workshop on Critical Climate Change Scholarship

April 5-7, 2013  University of Minnesota Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC) View the Conference Schedule Here. This workshop aims to contribute to recent trans- and interdisciplinary scholarship on critical climate change, and provoke new inquiries by posing the question: what is critical about critical climate change scholarship? Employing the dual implications of [...]

‘Making the Geologic Now’: web book

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out this impressive collection of works by artists, philosophers, and critical theorists that address what the book’s editors identify as “an increasingly widespread turn toward the geologic as source of explanation, motivation, and inspiration for cultural and aesthetic responses to conditions of the present moment.” The works [...]

Re-evaluating the Anthropocene, Resituating ‘Anthropos’

April 13th, 2013 Association of American Geographers Annual Conference Los Angeles, CA In 2000, Crutzen and Stoermer gave name to a new geological epoch. The “Anthropocene” demarked a post-Holocene present and future in which human activity was understood to be the dominant agent of change in the global environment (2000). Understandably, such a sweeping claim [...]

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