SCHEDULE: Critical Climate Change Workshop April 5-7, 2013

The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change


All events will take place in 1210 Heller Hall unless otherwise noted

 View all presenters’ abstracts here, or click a presentation title to view the associated abstract

Friday April 5


Location: Blegen 445




Location: Blegen 445
Introductory comments and discussion: What’s critical about critical climate change scholarship?

Bruce Braun

Jessi Lehman

Sara Nelson


Location: Blegen 445
Session: Scaling the Anthropocene: Spatio-temporalities of anthropogenic change
Emily Cameron: “Scaling Climate: Critical Geographies of Arctic Climate Change”
Jesse Goldstein: “Focal lengths: Decommodifying green capitalism’s imaginary”
Kevin Surprise: “Welcome to the capitalocene: Post-politics, the production of nature, and the subsumption of the biosphere”


3:15pm-4:30pm Keynote/Department of Geography Coffee Hour in Carlson 1-123
 Location: Carlson 1-123 Kathryn Yusoff: “Anthropogenesis: Origins and Endings in the Anthropocene”


5:00pm-7:00pm Happy hour at the Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis


Participants dine independently

Saturday April 6




9:30am-10:30am Session: Carbon Economies I: Envisioning the carbon economy
Luke Bergman: “Bound by chains of carbon: Ecological-economic geographies of globalization”
M.K. Dorsey, G. Gambirazzo and S. Pauls: “Tracing an Oligonony of the Sky: Critical Ethnographic Analyses Meet Actor-Network Data Visualizations of the Carbon Market Industrial Complex”


10:35am-11:55am Session: Carbon Economies II: Critical geographies of the carbon trade
Patrick Bigger: “Financializing carbon in California: Austerity and ambivalence”
Lauren Gifford: “Diminishing Returns: REDD, carbon commodification, and the production of space in the Peruvian Amazon”
Sophie Webber and Emilia Kennedy: “Do economists make (carbon) markets? Yes, and so do climatologists, engineers and bureaucrats!”






Session: Adaptating to uncertain futures: Constructing and contending with climate risk

Katharina Abdo: “Human weather and natural circulation: Weather index insurance for small-scale farmers”
Joshua Griffin: “Climate impasse: Biopolitcs and the colonial transformation of environmental risk in northwest Alaska”
Elspeth Oppermann: “The dangerous supplement: the productive and policing function of social emergence in UKCIP’s problematization of adaptation to climate change”
  Martin Phillips: “Critical perspectives in climate change scenario research: insights from rural community research in the UK”


2:40pm-4:00pm Session: Representing and responding to processes of change: Ethical imperatives and uncertainties
Joshua Griffin: “Ontological (in)security, ethical uncertainty, existential necessity: the ritual life of climate justice activists”
Matthew Schneider-Mayerson: “Representing Slow/Spectacular Climate Chaos: Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Science In the Capital’ Trilogy.”
Brad Werner: “The dynamical roles of capitalism and resistance movements in the future of the coupled human-climate system”


4:00pm-5:00pm Keynote address
David Lansing: “The Spaces of Climate Change”


5:30pm-7:00pm “Climate Change Marginalia” at True Thai, 2627 East Franklin Ave, Minneapolis
Organized by Jesse Goldstein and Elizabeth Johnson



Dinner provided for all participants at True Thai.


Sunday April 7 




9:30am-11:10am Session: Eco-politics I
Kai Bosworth: “Decompositional cosmopolitics in the Anthropocene”
Nicholas Brown: “Vanishing Indians and vanishing glaciers: Colonial dimensions of climate change in the Alberta/Montana borderlands”
Harlan Morehouse: “Envisioning environmental uncertainty: Aesthetics and anticipatory eco-politics”
Rory Rowan: “Flat ontologies and uneven geographies: Thinking ecological politics after object oriented ontology”


11:15am-12:55pm Session: Eco-politics II
Holly Buck: “Thinking critically about climate engineering: an inventive practice for the Anthropocene”
Daniel Cohen: “Climate change, post-materialism, and the future of the capitalist city”
Elizabeth Johnson and Jesse Goldstein: “Biomimicry: New natures for or against capital?”
Stephanie Wakefield:  ”New Normal, New Dispositif: Post-Sandy Climate Resilience in New York City”





1:40pm-2:40pm Keynote address
Nigel Clark: “Planetary Capitalism and Human Geology”


2:45pm-4:15pm Workshop: Interlocking Frontlines: Bridging Social Movements for Climate Justice and Academic Scholarship
Organized by Hilary Moore


4:20pm-5:30pm Closing discussion about future directions






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