CFP: FP: “The Anthropocene” – Special Issue of philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism. Edited by Claire Colebrook and Jami Weinstein




Interesting looking special issue very much in keeping with the Anthropocene Feminism Conference coming up in April at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s C21.


philoSOPHIA invites essays that address the concept of the Anthropocene, including such topics as: Does the ‘anthropos’ of the anthropocene have a sex, race or gender? How do the ‘deep’ temporalities and stratifications of geological frameworks open or preclude new modes of feminist research? Does the new universal of the human species (now united by impact) destroy decades of work on diversifying the concept of ‘woman’ in terms of race, sexuality, class and disability? What are the race, gender and class politics or sexual ethics of geo-engineering? In addition to these questions we also welcome work that focuses on problems of climate change, debts and obligations to future generations and non-humans, the sexual imaginary of ‘man’ at the centre of the anthropocene, the distribution of responsibility for planetary destruction and sustainability, and new ways of thinking about production and reproduction in light of the growing sense of the impact of the human species.

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philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism is an international, peer-reviewed journal for scholarship that engages the rich traditions of feminist theory and continental philosophy, both broadly construed. The journal aims to broaden the discipline of philosophy and enrich the practices of feminist theory, bringing the conceptual resources of these fields together to address pressing socio-political issues. We encourage a wide range of theoretical approaches, particularly those exploring feminist philosophical questions through the lenses of queer, critical race, disability, and transnational perspectives.

Editors, Lynne Huffer and Shannon Winnubst